Tülin AKIN (Co-Founder)

She is the founding partner of TABİT who is reaching 1.5 million farmers with social organizations for farmers closed or distant to information, communication and technology in Turkey and also continue working to bring their successful projects to the service of farmers around the world. Tülin Akın graduated from Akdeniz University Agricultural Marketing Department and completed Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration at 2009 and has a micro MBA degree from Bosphorus University at 2012. She has awarded as the most successful social entrepreneur in the world in 2018 Davos

Coşkun YILDIRIM (Head of Technology Departman)

In his career, he worked in large-scale companies and placed in middle and senior management positions since 1980 Producing social business models for agriculture sector since 2004 with its experience and knowledge and transferred his projects to TABİT recognized company in Turkey and in the world and awarded projects has contributed to the development. Graduated from Ege University Faculty of Business Administration and received trainings on Cost Accounting, Educational Technologies and Sociology of Rural areas.

Cenap BUCURGAT (Business Manager)

Cenap Bucurgat graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Geophysical Engineering in 1994. Cenap, who is married and has 3 children, was founded in 1999 by his own company Yalçınlar Elektronik Ltd. Sti. and then Tegart Ltd. Şti. Was founded and managed. He moved to Aydın, Kuşadası in 2019 and started to work as a Business Manager at Tabit Smart Agricultural Technologies incorporated company.

Devrim ALTINKURT (Head of Software Department)

Devrim after graduating from Fırat Technical Education Faculty, Department of Computer, also he graduated from Information Technologies at Bahçeşehir Institute of Sciences, and worked on important software projects related to web based for 20 years. He has created the IT infrastructure of TABIT with his projects that he has developed since establishment of TABIT and has made significant contributions to TABIT and continues to contribute to new projects at every step. Having the MCPD and MCT titles, Devrim also continues his studies as an IT teacher in a school affiliated to the Ministry of Education and contributes to the future by transferring his knowledge to new generations.

Orhan KURT (R&D Manager)

Orhan graduated from Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Structures and Irrigation from SDU. After working as a Project Engineer at a Drip Irrigation Factory, he worked as a project manager in Ozone Communications in the information sector, which he believes will expand his horizons, to major companies such as the Ministry of Education, Türktelekom, Innova, Teknosa, Huawei, Vodafone, Turkcell. He worked with Huawei which has 16 regional offices in Ukraine, all of the IT infrastructure directed from Turkey. He is working as an R&D Manager at TABİT, where he combines the Agricultural Engineering education with the technological experiences he has gained in his work life.

Münevver Rabia AKILLI (Digital Media Content Editor)

Münevver is a graduate of Selcuk University International Relations and Political Science. She started her career in TABİT A.Ş with an internship and after graduation she started to work as a Digital Media Content Editor at TABIT which was established in Koçarlı Kasaplar village in Aydın, where she was born and lived too. She constantly develops herself and aims to spread the international relations of TABİT A.Ş. to other countries.

Gülsüm SELBİ (Crop Production Responsible)

Gülsüm graduated from Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops in the same year she started her master's education in the Department of Medicine and Aromatic Plants. She started her career by doing an internship at TABIT, after graduating from her education department, she continued as an Agricultural Engineer at TABIT. Due to her successful work in her works, she took on the task of Crop Production Responsible..

SANCAR YAVAŞ (Agricultural Engineer)

Yağmur KAYA (Agricultural Technician)

Yağmur started her career in the field of selling vegetables and fruits at a young age and determined her education in this direction. Yağmur graduated from Adnan Menderes University as an Organic Agriculture Technician. Fulfilling the requirements of her profession in all conditions, Yağmur's goal is to establish a mushroom plant and become an entrepreneur by producing canned food.

Necdet GÜVENÇ (Accountant)

He was born in Aydın in 1991. He graduated from Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Gölhisar Vocational Highschool and Anadolu University Department of Public Finance in 2011. Necdet started his career at Germencik Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperatives, then he worked in as an Accounting Responsible and Business Administration at the Financial Affairs Directorate of Bermak Agriculture and Industry Products Import Export Ltd. Sti.

Ali AKKURT (Agricultural Production Staff)

Ali Akkurt, who was born in 1965, graduated from Primary School. He started his career by working constructions of buildings in his childhood. He worked in the building construction preparations and smithery . He worked as a shepherd. His first experience in a corporate company with TABIT. While he is working as Agricultural Production personnel at TABİT, he also loves Vodafone Smart Village's constructions and decorations such as stone ovens.

Ahmet KARABOĞA (Field Staff)

Ahmet, who started his business life as a tradesman and he operated a cafe for a long time. Then he worked as a furniture fitting in the furniture industry. Currently, he continues his business life as field personnel in the Vodafone Smart Village Project, which was realized with the partnership of TABİT Smart Agricultural Technologies Inc. and Vodafone.

Nadir ÇÖKEK (Toplu Sağım Sistemi Sağımcısı)

1993 yılında Aydın’ da doğup büyüyen Nadir Çökek, küçüklüğünden bu yana baba mesleği olan hayvancılık ve çiftçilik ile uğraşmaktadır. Nadir Çökek, Tabit Bilişim Şirketinde Sağımhane sorumlusu olarak çalışmaktadır.

Selma UÇKUN (Field Staff)

Selma, who was born in Aydın in 1985, is married and has three children. Selma, a housewife, started to contribute to the home economy by working at Tabit Smart Agriculture Technologies Inc.

Elif KALE (Field Staff)

Elif Kale, who was born and raised in Konya in 1974, moved to Aydın after getting married. Elif, who is married and has two children, Tabit Smart Agricultural Technologies Inc. also works as Field Staff.

Emine GÜMÜŞ (Sultan of Kitchens)

Emine started her business life in Izmir after the death of her husband. She started in the production department of a private food company. Emine, who is the mother of 3 children, has added flavor to our life by participating in the Vodafone Smart Village Project, preparing many of our products and meals with village style.

Gökhan ARZUHAN (Driver)

He was born in 1982. Gökhan graduated from Mimar Sinan Vocational and Technical Anatolian Highschool in 2000. After completing his military service in 2004, he started his career in the retail store sector. He has been working as a driver at Tabit Smart Agricultural Technologies Inc. since February 2019.

Menderes CİNGÖZ (Technical Service)

Our Business Partners

Our business partners who believe in our projects, support them and provide infrastructure